“Nature of creativity” with Miriam Hall, June 2019
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14th - 17th June 2019

“Nature of creativity” with Miriam Hall, June 2019

Holy Isle, Scotland

“Nature of creativity” with Miriam Hall, June 2019

Nature of Creativity is a multi-disciplinary meditation and art retreat

lead by veteran dharma art teacher Miriam Hall.


This course focuses on profound practices of direct perception as sustainable inspiration for any creative path.

  • Long term meditators  find inspiration in the art;
  • artists, new possibilities in perception.
  • All participants thrive in positive feedback and being surrounded by both nature and creativity.

You will explore:

Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography

Contemplative Writing,

as well as making marks, movement, and sound.

You will be invited to practice these paths, or use what you  learned from these instructions to explore your own expressive media – drawing, painting, music, etc.

You don’t need to be an “artists” or have meditation experience to attend.

A desire to explore the nature of reality and living creatively are all that’s needed.

Please bring your own creative supplies if desired, otherwise, all that’s required is a digital camera of some sort (phone is fine) and curiosity.


Miriam Hall

dharma art teacher

Miriam Hall has been teaching meditation and creativity together for the last fifteen
years. She has co-authored two books on Nalanda Miksang Photography with John
McQuade: Looking and Seeing, and Heart of Photography. She is a student of Natalie
Goldberg. She is co-director of Nalanda Miksang International, owner of Herspiral
Contemplative Arts, an instructor for Shambhala International, Shambhala Art, and
Karuna Training. Though the topics of her teaching range from meditation to creativity to
social justice, dharma offers the source teaching through being present in perception.
You can find her online at Herspiral.com.


One of Scotland’s most breath-taking locations:

Centre for World Peace and Health on Holy Isle

off Isle of Arran


14th – 17th June 2019

arriving on the island on Friday afternoon

leaving on Monday after breakfast


Holy Isle offers three types of rooms:

single at £55 per night, twin at £80 per night and a dorm at £32.

These need to be arranged with Holy Isle centre directly.


course fee:

£95 payable upon arrival

Interested to come?

    or email info@miksang.uk